Travel Information

Conference venue address: Campus Gräsvik, 371 79 Karlskrona

Getting there by plane

The closest major international airports to fly to are Copenhagen/Kastrup (CPH) and Stockholm/Arlanda (ARN). For international visitors, we recommend the route via Copenhagen/Kastrup (CPH) which is the shortest in terms of travel time. If you plan to go by car or bus, continue here.

Copenhagen - Karlskrona

There are no flights between Copenhagen Airport and Karlskrona. A direct train between Copenhagen Airport and Karlskrona leaves every hour during daytime (at hh:46). Please note that there are limited departures on weekends. The first train leaves at 05:46 in the morning and the last train leaves Copenhagen Airport at 20:46 local time. See schedule and book tickets beforehand on SJs webpage.
Buying train tickets from Copenhagen-Karlskrona:
  1. In the arrival hall (at Copenhagen Airport, terminal 3), vending machines for the train tickets are located below the big clock just outside the arrival hall. Alternatively, you can buy train tickets at the service desk close by if you prefer personal service. The trip to Karlskrona takes 3:26 hours without any train changes.
  2. After purchasing the ticket, proceed to the escalator or elevators that take you down to Track 1 for trains towards Karlskrona.
  3. Arriving in Karlskrona, the train station (Karlskrona Central) is just north of the town center. There is walking distance to the hotels but if you prefer, call a taxi. Taxis also wait outside the train station.
To think of:
  • Be aware that the authorities introduced a requirement to check the ID of all train passagers travelling to Sweden. Therefore, make sure to have your passport or photo ID document at hand.
  • Buy train tickets before boarding the train. It is not possible to purchase tickets on the train.
  • Consider business/1st class during rush hours, as the train can get very full.
  • There is no restaurant on the train so bring preferable supplies.
  • Target the rear part of the train, the train might split along the way in Kristianstad. Information about splits will be displayed inside the train carriage. Please ask the conductor in case of doubts.

Stockholm/Arlanda - Ronneby - Karlskrona

Stockholm-Ronneby-Karlskrona Stockholm has two airports: Arlanda and Bromma. Arlanda is the largest airport in Sweden and Bromma is small, but everything is close at hand. Both SAS and BRA offer a number of flights per working day between Stockholm/Arlanda and Ronneby. Please note that there are limited flights on weekends.

  1. Book ticket for Stockholm, Arlanda from your country of travel. Please check well in advance if you need a visa for Sweden.
  2. Book ticket for Stockholm - Ronneby. You can buy tickets on SAS from Stockholm to Ronneby airport.
  3. On arrival at Arlanda airport, terminal 5 is for international flights. Follow the signs for transfer to terminal 3 for domestic flights. There is walking distance between the terminals. You have to enter the passport and the security control to get to terminal 3.
  4. Shuttle to Karlskrona connects to arrival in Ronneby. Purchase the ticket on the bus. Cost 90 SEK. You can pay by cash or credit card. You can also order a Taxi.
  5. The shuttle will take you to Karlskrona city, walking distance to all hotels.

Getting there by road

By Car

Via Denmark: You can reach Karlskrona via the Storebelts-Bridge and the Öresunds-Bridge.
Via Germany: There are also daily ferry connections from Germany (e.g. to Trelleborg, approx: 250 km from Karlskrona).
Via Poland: Daily ferry connections from Poland to Karlskrona are operated by Stena Line (Karlskrona - Gdynia). Bus no. 6 in the ferry terminal connects to arrivals and transfer to Karlskrona city.
Parking: BTH provide some parking space for visitors. Please ask at the reception desk (Building A).

By Bus

Long distance buses are available from Stockholm and Malmö.

Taxi information

There are several taxi companies in Karlskrona. Below is the contact information for some of them. A taxi ride between Ronneby Airport and Karlskrona City costs about 420 SEK.
  • Taxi Kurir Karlskrona, +46 455 81 000
  • Zon Taxi, +46 455 230 50
  • Karlskrona Taxi, +46 455 191 00
  • GP Taxi, +46 455 410 00

Additional information

In case of questions please contact the local chair:

Ana Luiza Moraes
Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden
Emilia Mendes
Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden
University of Oulu, Finland
Jefferson Molléri
Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden